Psychic Reading and Its Many Types

A psychic reading is an extrasensory reading that is carried out by a person called a psychic who has intuitive abilities. In a psychic reading, a client asks questions related to his or her life and the psychic uses his or her intuitive power to find out a proper outcome to the question. When you go for a psychic reading, you can select from different types or methods of obtaining a psychic reading. The different types of psychic reading are distant readings, psychometric, divination, aura reading, numerology, past life reading etc. An experienced psychic might have an expertise in many different methods.

A distant reading can be carried out without meeting a client. There are different methods that can be used for a distant reading such as, Internet readings, phone readings and mail readings. Presently, the most common method of distant psychic reading is through the Internet. In a psychometric reading, on the other hand, a psychic finds out information related to a person, event or object by visiting the area where the event has occurred or taking an object from it. This is because it is a common belief held by a person conducting a psychometric reading that the energy of a person is left in an object or a place of occurrence due to the proximity with a person. This type of psychic reading is usually used for finding missing persons.

Another type of psychic reading is divination. A psychic in this type of psychic reading makes a prediction using one of the occult methods. An example of divination is tarot card reading. In an aura reading, a psychic studies and interprets the auras that surround the human body. It is a cascading color that emanates from the surface of a person’s body. The aura differs from one person to another. In this form of psychic reading, a psychic reads the characteristics such as size, shape etc of the aura and then gives a psychic reading on the basis of it.

Numerology involves the study of the occult, meaning of numbers and their effect on human life. It is basically a psychic reading that consists of the reading of a person based on the numerical values of their date of birth, letters in name, and so on. A past life reading, on the other hand, deals with finding out facts about your past life, such as what you were, where you lived, what profession you pursued and what was the cause of death, etc.

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